Anesthesiologist working in Germany and wants to immigrate to New Zealand

Hey guys. my friend is an Anesthesiologist working in Germany. She wants to immigrate to New Zealand n she searched online for Information regarding her Job, how to undertake the process, but the answer was complicated… Can anyone guide me through? or at least give me some information.

I will be thankful

probably the easiest to understand immigration website !
they even have a “wizzard” process to assess which is the ways to get into new Zealand. calculate your points from the nz immigration ebsite and move on from their !

Check the Long term skill shortage list on NZ immigration site. See if your job is listed there. If yes, then you need to send your documents to NZQA for education and work assessment. Based on their confirmation report, you may be eligible for something called “Temporary Job search visa” under Skilled Migrant Category, provided you have 160 points + on the calculator based on some other criteria like Age and spouse etc. This work visa is for 1 year, in which you need to find a job in New Zealand and then apply to convert this SMC visa into a resident card. Also, remember, job search visa is only for you, you can’t bring any of your family members with you in this period until you get a job.

Another good option to start with is come to NZ to study a fellow maybe at Auckland Hospital? You should contact them and see what options they have in your field. I had a friend who did it and had a great experience and he was being pay by the hospital while studying.

From what I understand get job offer look at the DHB for jobs advertised and you will be snapped up as a skilled migrant and in shortage list. Look at areas then approach the local DHB.Then you apply for visa. Get all paper work ready to submit. Register with medical counsel. Research about the Maori culture and health plans. Good luck

you can also contact immigration advisors: List of licensed immigration advisors and those recommended by people