Air ticket Requirement for JSV

Can someone experienced to buy one sided air ticket to travel at NZ on jsv ?

I have heard that its okay to get a one-way ticket on JSV. But as a rule of thumb its always highly recommended to ask NZ immigration directly, as rules and regulations change over time. Here is a link that might help, please explore and share your experience:

Thanks Fahim for the update.

One more thing which I need to confirm if anyone travel recently on JSV from Pakistan. Work visa need to be protected ?? As travel agent query about it if the Visa is not protected then you are not suppose to travelโ€ฆ same rule followed in gulf.

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It seems more like a requirement for work visa holders not too sure about JSV. I think its better to have it then not to:

Here is the process:

Dear All,

Just for your ease if anyone is planning on JSV then its mandatory for them to do visa protect as its the requirement of our Country ( Pakistan).

For visa protection you have to follow these steps.
1- Issued Police Character Certificate ( 15 office e-khidmat office)
2- Medical Fitness Certificate ( DHQ or civil hospital )

when you get the above 2 certificate then visit the protector office in your area and they stamped your visa and FIA will not asked question on airport and you can easily passed through it.

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