Which Private Health insurance should I get?

Private Health insurance topic
Do you have it?
If so, which fund is better than others?
Why did you choose it?

Coming from Australia and not elegible for Medicare, I always have BUPA & it was a breeze in the park everytime I needed something. So I am looking for one in NZ as well.
I do not think i will be elegible for the public health care system at this stage.

Are you an Australian citizen? As an Australian I am eligible for public health in Nz and this is the second time I’ve lived in Nz, I don’t have private health insurance in Nz but I do have to pay for the Dr/GP but everyone does.

also If your on a resident or work visa you are eligible for public health.

Some of my friends who arrived from overseas for short trips bought from the following health insurance providers:

  • Southern Cross health insurance
  • NIB health
  • Partner Life Medical Cover
  • AIA Health insurance
  • Accuro Health insurance

You can compare them based on

  • good value for money,
  • customer service,
  • claims service,
  • financial strength,
  • policy offerings and
  • coverage benefits.