What is the cost of doing a PhD from NZ?

What is the cost of doing a PhD from NZ?

New Zealand Universities char domestic student fee for PhD students, even for international students.

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Phd degrees are 3- 4 years of duration.

As regards INZ requirements, you need to show them the following:

  1. Tuition Fees.
  2. Maintenance funds.
  3. Cost of Outward Travel.
  4. For purpose of funds requirement, Insurance is not included in funds requirement.

So add all these for One Year expenses and multiply by no. of years, you will get funds required for the Phd program.

Ideally all the funds should be LIQUID in nature, if not even then the case can get approved if presented professionally.

The Student gets Full Work Right, Spouse gets Work Visa, kids study free in STATE Schools.

If you need professional advice, contact me. I have done many successful cases for Phd students, their family Visas and kids visas.


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