How can I get immigration within 6 months process ?

I don’t think you’d get any useful answer this way. Please make an effort, share about your background/skills and then may be people can point you to the right direction.


Nobody can really predict the exact timeframe it takes to process an immigration application as it may vary from case to case and there are many factors involved. Here’s a general guideline that might help:

  1. Read about Skilled Migrant Visa type and how to apply for it:
  2. Use the points calculator for self-assessment:

If you meet the criteria then these are the general application steps as suggested by NZ immigration website:

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to NZ immigration
  2. Wait for invitation to apply for residence
  3. Send them your Application for Residence
  4. Wait for a decision about your application

Hope this helps, good luck!